Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gay Coprophilia

Hello to all you guys who enjoys the sexual practice of one of the most interesting paraphilia known as Coprophilia... I am a gay guy... I am from Venezuela, that is in Latin America, I am 24 years old... I should write and post this blog in Spanish but I want to be global, I want to reach to all the gay guys in the world who have fantasies about coprophilia, guys who practice this fetish and who want to share it with another men... so if my english is bad, forgive me, I am trying to do my best... Anyway, who am I to write about this? I am not an expert on this matter because I have no experience on coprophilia, I only have fantasies about it, so you might think that I am nobody to speak about this but I want to do it because there is not to much information available or maybe I haven't look good enough... So... this blog is about geting to know between each other... of course is about posting porn related to the subject... is about sharing experience and phone numbers if you like... I just want to have fun doing this because is my first blog and I am new doing this kind of stuff... I don't know how far this plataform will allow me to post photos or videos, I will try but I don't know if they will closed the site if this is to extreme... I guess time will tell